Eagles for Children is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting local charities helping disadvantaged youth through partnerships with private golf clubs.

Interested in learning how your club can join the Eagles for Children alliance in making lives better for the children in our communities? Follow these simple steps.

  1. Fill out the Eagles for Children Membership Inquiry Form (click here to be directed to the online form).
  2. A member of the Eagles for Children New Club Recruitment team will contact you.
  3. An Eagles for Children Board Member presents to your Board of Directors.
  4. Assign your Eagles for Children Ambassador.
  5. Recruit a group of members to help promote the program.
  6. Attend your on-boarding meeting.
  7. Encourage your members to play good golf and report their eagles.

Members of participating clubs pledge a nominal amount for every eagle scored on their course during the season. 100% of the proceeds from eagles go to organizations serving children in the members’ community selected by the participating club.

Getting Started

  1. An Ambassador is selected for your club’s Eagles for Children program. The Ambassador is a member of your club who acts as the in-house liaison for the program.

    The Ambassador is responsible for communication with the General Manager, Head Pro, Accounting Department and membership regarding the program.

    The Ambassador can always reach out to the Eagles for Children staff and representatives for assistance in keeping the program running smoothly.
  2. Make your membership aware of the Eagles for Children program. Whether through personal announcements at league kick-offs, in the club newsletter, through email, or group discussions - find creative ways to explain the program, its purpose, the cost to each member and—most importantly—the enormous impact on the lives of disadvantaged children in our communities.

  3. Let your members know that they will be billed a minimum of $2 for every eagle scored and reported to your club’s pro shop. Members have the option to increase their “per eagle” tax-deductibe pledge at any time throughout the season by simply contacting your club’s accounting department.

    All members will be billed $2 per eagle reported, unless they choose to opt out or increase their per-eagle pledge.

    Remind your membership throughout the season that they can increase their donation at any time.
  4. Work with your Pro Shop on a method that works best for your club to track the number of eagles reported.

    Having players report their eagles to either the first tee or the pro shop, consolidating the data in a book at the pro shop, and then reporting it to the accounting department has worked well at other clubs.
  5. Begin recruiting and developing your club’s Eagles for Children committee members. This committee will be responsible for reviewing the grant applications in the fall and determining the grant distribution.

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